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Product Support from OnePath®

We are in this together

OnePath, Shire's product support program, is committed to helping eligible patients (18 years or older) with hypoparathyroidism who have been prescribed NATPARA gain access to treatment.

Information and benefits verification

Once you and your patients are registered with OnePath, they will be assigned a Patient Support Manager who will provide them with information about getting started on NATPARA. The Patient Support Manager will serve as a point of contact throughout treatment.

  • OnePath Patient Support Managers can assist and address questions from your patients
  • Patient Support Managers will facilitate insurance benefits verification
  • A local Patient Access Manager can work with patients to address insurance and treatment-access related needs
  • OnePath may provide information about additional resources for patients to explore
Getting Your Patient Started on NATPARA

Injection training

All patients prescribed NATPARA are provided injection training by a Registered Nurse through the NATPARA Nurse Educator team. A Patient Support Manager works with the Nurse Educator team to assign each patient a specially trained NATPARA Nurse Educator. The Nurse Educator will contact the patient within 2 business days of receiving his/her NATPARA shipment to schedule up to 4 sessions of complimentary training in the patient’s home, including:

  • Delivering the injection device and demonstrating how to assemble it
  • Walking through the reconstitution and administration process for the first 3 cartridges (Days 1, 15, and 29 of treatment)
  • Calling the patient after each training to check in and answer any questions
  • Providing materials to help patients take an active role in their treatment

When patients are mixing the cartridge alone for the first time, there will be a Nurse Educator on the phone

Product delivery

OnePath will work with a specialty pharmacy to facilitate access to NATPARA

  • NATPARA is only available through the NATPARA Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Program. The purpose of the NATPARA REMS Program is to inform patients about the potential risk of osteosarcoma associated with the use of NATPARA
  • Only REMS-certified prescribers can prescribe and only REMS-certified pharmacies can distribute NATPARA. The NATPARA REMS Program Coordinating Center will call you to tell you the name and phone number of the certified pharmacy that will fill your patient’s NATPARA prescription. The certified pharmacy will call your patient to arrange the date to ship NATPARA to him or her. For more information about this REMS program, call 1-855-NATPARA (628-7272) or click here.

NATPARA®, OnePath® and Q-Cliq are trademarks or registered trademarks of Shire, a Takeda company.